Safeguard Your Home and Loved Ones Against Wildfires

Turn your swimming pool into a fire fighting weapon

Affordable and reliable solution

No municipal water or power needed

Maximum wildfire protection

Be Prepared

Take action now and Fire Defense Service will help you be prepared. 80% of the work to protect your home is done far ahead of any wildfire event.

Protect Your Property

Fire Defense Service provides dedicated fire fighting equipment directly for your property. Professional maintenance included.

Feel Safe Again

Rest comfortably knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect your property and loved ones in the event of a wildfire.

The Threat of Wildfires is
at an All-Time High

As the severity and frequency of wildfires continues to escalate, conventional firefighting infrastructures are stretched to their limits. Fire Defense Service is here to empower you with the safety and assurance you need.

How It Works

1. Easy Setup
  • No specialized skills required
  • Setup in 30 minutes or less
  • Meets or exceeds professional firefighter industry standards
2. Professional Instructions
  • Professional instructions take place at your home with customized equipment
  • Learn how to setup and deploy your system to ensure you’re ready when wildfires threaten
  • 100% free access to instructional videos and fire preparedness tips
3. Professional Maintenance
  • Regularly scheduled, professional maintenance is performed directly on your property, leaving no gaps in protection
  • Certified inspections ensure your equipment is fully functional
  • Fuel refresh, oil changes, and part replacements are all included at no additional cost
4. Full Property Protection
  • Custom configurations and fire department-grade equipment ensures coverage across your entire property
  • Water availability equivalent to a small fleet of fire trucks
  • Nearby fire stations alerted to availability of equipment at your address

Defend Your Home from Wildfires

3 Easy Steps to Protect Your Home from Wildfires

Step 1

Schedule Assessment

We’ll come out, assess your property for wildfire risk, and give you a plan to defend your home from the threat of wildfires.

Step 2

Receive Custom Evaluation

Receive a wildfire defensibility evaluation and we’ll configure a custom system to ensure the strongest defense plan.

Step 3

Protect Your Home from Fire

Turn your swimming pool into a water source that will fight wildfires near your property and defend your home and loved ones.

Created by Firefighter. Dedicated to Your Safety.


Over $250M in property value protected by Fire Defense Service


Actively deployed and proven effective during real wildfire events


Developed by professional firefighters with over 50 years firefighting expertise


Fully operational without regard to municipal water or power

What Responsible Homeowners are Saying about the Fire Defense Service System

I had an off-the-shelf unit in my garage. The fire came and it failed to start because of a bad spark plug. Now I’d never be without Fire Defense Service and their professional maintenance.


The Fire Defense Service System saved my home during the Woolsey Fire. I’d be facing devastation today without it. I wish all my neighbors had one.


Defend Your Home from Wildfires

With global environmental changes, wildfires are now a year-round threat. Urban development is increasingly encroaching on wildland area. Billions in property value have been destroyed in the last few years alone. Families have been displaced. Lives have been forever disrupted.

So how can you become empowered to protect your family and home from wildfires?

The Fire Defense Service System turns your swimming pool into a fire fighting resource so you can regain your peace of mind knowing your home is protected in the event of a wildfire.