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Our Equipment

We currently have a provisional patent for an auxiliary fire suppression system.  Experts in the fire protection field designed this system specifically for home use.  This system is the same type fire fighters across the nation utilize to extinguish dangerous fires.  Some of the problems faced when fighting fires is the lack of available resources.  Billions of dollars are spent fighting fires yet thousands of homes are destroyed and hundreds of lives are lost.  Our fire suppression system will remain at your home ensuring you have the equipment available at all times.

Your Pool

Water is a precious resource during a fire.  The standard fire engine carries 550 gallons of water.  The average pool holds 13,500 gallons of water  Fire hydrants are often useless since the demand for water overwhelms the supply.  Until now, homes with pools have been useless as a water source since they are often too far away from the fire engine.

Firefighters also do not know which homes have pools.  Additionally, garden hoses are not effective at fighting fires as they do not have enough water pressure and do not provide  enough volume of water to adequately extinguish large fires.  Your pool can be the water resource needed to extinguish a fire.

Our Services

This system coupled with your water supply and our services greatly improves the likelihood of your home surviving a wildfire.  In addition to our fire suppression system and your water supply, we will customize the system with on an site detailed assessment.  A 360 degree home triage assessment with recommendations given to reduce the homes vulnerability to fire.

This will include CAD site pre plans showing the system available to the fire department in the event of a fire.  Training will also be provided to the homeowner in the event they are unable to evacuate.  We will partner with the fire department to ensure they are aware of your home  having the equipment and resources necessary to save your home.

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Our on-site assessment is a comprehensive visit, in which we travel to your home and assess the best practices and usage of our equipment at your location.
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